Naughty Cheerleader Sophia Sutra Tease Him

cheerleader sophia sutra

Here’s a bit of a classic scene from 18Eighteen, it’s an older episode with Sophia Sutra that I really like not only because the action is hot and she’s a tiny tits cheerleader, but also because the guy’s reaction in all of this is fucking totally spot on. Sophia Sutra has tiny tits, and her practice uniform at home isn’t exactly true cheerleader – but it is all tease! Her new boyfriend is stoked to be going out with a cheerleader, but he’s not exactly experienced. She’s teasing him like crazy and asks for his help practicing her handstands. He catches her legs as she comes up, her cheerleader skirt drops away and he is left staring deep into her panty covered pussy. He doesn’t take the bait so she goes more direct, exposing her small breasts and getting him to nibble on her nipples before getting him to lick and fuck her cheerleader pussy!